Thursday, October 23, 2014

More October Events

Looking for something to do this weekend? Things is a lot happening in Arizona in the fall! Make sure to check out our Fall Guide to Arizona for lots of ideas. Here are even more events for this weekend that didn't make it into the Fall Guide:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The North Pole Experience in Flagstaff, AZ

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This could possibly be the greatest Christmas event in all of Arizona. 

Do you want to provide a truly magical holiday experience for some little people in your life? 

You have got to check The North Pole Experience:

Take a drive to Flagstaff's Little America Hotel where you will board the trolley that will drive you and your family straight through a portal to the North Pole! From there, families are led on an interactive visit through Santa's incredible 12,000 square-foot workshop. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Arizona Science Center - Why a membership is really worth the money

You hear about memberships to museums and you wonder if the membership is a good fit for your family, would you get your money's worth?  Currently there is a Groupon deal for the Arizona Science Center.  $55 for a 4 person membership!  Here are a few things you may not have known about with a membership to the Arizona Science Center:

1 - A membership to the Arizona Science Center also gets you admission into 250 other science museums world wide, including Arizona's Lowell Observatory (for those making a fall or winter trip up north) and Tucson's International Wildlife Museum (my big cat lover would love the November 15th big cat up close and personal activity).  Marily used this perk when traveling to Texas last summer and was able to get entrance into a few Texas museums.  This site here has a list of other participating science centers and more information on the 90 mile rule.  As always, it is best to call a science center ahead of time to make sure your membership is accepted there as well.  But, it is nice to know that a local membership can save you money on future family vacations.

2 - Share your membership perks with friends.  The Arizona Science Center website states that with each membership you can name a maximum of two adults per membership and that, "The Science Center requires one of the named adults to be present each visit. That adult can bring any combination of adults and children that their 'Admit Number' allows."  Meaning, if my older kids are in school and therefore are not able to go to the museum with me, I can take my sister and her at home children with me to the museum to get in for free with my membership.   Or take your 4 person membership and go on a double date with friends.  Many options for sharing here.

3 - Members get reduced admission to the traveling exhibits, the planetarium, and IMAX.  Think paying $24 to see the newest exhibit is pricey?  Yep, me too.  But, with a membership, if you want to check out a featured exhibit the cost is $5.  The planetarium and IMAX are between $5 and $6 as well.

4 - We just made it through summer, but think about SUMMER!  It is hot in the summer.  Everyone is always asking us "what can I do?!"  Purchase a membership now at this discounted rate and it is good for a year.  The Arizona Science Center will keep you cool and entertained all. year. long.

5 - Purchase this Groupon as a gift.  The holidays are right around the corner.  I'm always trying to think of gifts that are useful, creative, and don't just add the the clutter of a home.  If you purchase the Groupon now, the membership does not need to be activated until January 1st, 2015.

6 - But Wait!  There's More.  (Do I sound like a QVC saleman yet?)  If you purchase by October 21st from Groupon, you can use the code local15 making the membership $46.75. (Don't worry, if you miss the 15% off, this is still an awesome deal!)

What if a four person membership is not large enough?

I verified this morning that you can add up to two children on your membership for $10 each.  I have a family of 7.  To remedy this I can purchase the $55 Groupon offer, add two more children for $10 more each, and then ages 2 and under (one of my 7 is a baby) get in free.

Last year my friend e-mailed me a link to a deal on a membership to the Arizona Science Center.  At the time life was crazy and I let the deal pass me by.  This last month my friend had extra guest passes so she invited us to tag along with her to the science center . It had been years since I last took my kiddos so we were all super excited to go.  Even just a few minutes into our explorations of the Arizona Science Center, I knew I shouldn't let another deal on a membership pass me up.  

So what do we think about the Arizona Science Center?

See for yourselves!
Bed of nails!


Interactive technology.

Workers who teach.

Each exhibit kept my kids engaged.  We stayed for several hours, but still felt like we had so much to explore.  There were demonstrations that we could have sat and watched.  We could have spent more time understanding the science behind some of the exhibits.  I'm a certified teacher, so my mind was spinning with lessons I could teach at home and then explore more at the museum.  For instance, there is the exhibit on the body.  I would love to teach more about the body at home so that when we return, the exhibits are much more relevant.

Basically this is an awesome deal, but even if you wait and pay full price, I'd say it is still worth it.

Buy the Groupon here.

text and images by Kathryn

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Phoenix Date Night Ideas - Something Special

Date night posts are back!

Today we have 8 ideas for when you are trying to find something special--whether you are looking for something for an anniversary or just want to have the perfect night with the perfect person. Here are our suggestions:

Monday, October 13, 2014

Vertuccio Farms Giveaway Winner

Happy Monday everyone.  We were happy to see so many excited comments about Vertuccio Farms.  We know going to the farm has been a fun experience for our family.  We hope that even if you did not win, that you check out our farm post for deals and a coupon for $1 off admission.  So without further adieu:

Angela Kegerreis

Congratulations!  You won four tickets to Vertuccio Farms' Fall Festival.  Send us an e-mail at for more details.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 2014 Events

Looking for something to do this weekend? We have you covered. There are lots of fun events, including fall festivals, hiking ideas, farmers markets, and more included in our Fall Guide to Arizona

In addition, here are a few more events coming up this month for you. A couple of them are included in the Fall Guide, and others are not:

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Giveaway: Fall Festival at Vertuccio Farms

We hope you have been enjoying our 2014 Fall Guide to Arizona.  If you have not had a chance to read through it, we hope you take the time and plan some fun adventures for this fall.  

Today we wanted to share a little more about one of the farms we wrote about in our guide:  Vertuccio Farms

I discovered Vertuccio Farms about 4 years ago when my oldest set of twins were in preschool.  I taught their preschool and wanted a fun way to celebrate fall.  I had heard about Vertuccio Farms and thought we would give it a try.  We loved it!  And each year it just gets better and better.  Last year my four girls didn't want to leave and we ended up staying longer than I had planned (as in way past bedtime...gasp), just because we were having so much fun. 

I wish I had pictures to capture all the fun, but I was too busy...having fun!

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