Monday, June 9, 2014

15 Pictures that Prove Arizona is More Than Just Cactus

Have you ever had that conversation - you know the one in which the person you are conversing with thinks that Arizona is just cactus and tumbleweeds?  Well, we are here to rescue you.  Proof that Arizona is one beautiful state!

(All images taken personally by my husband Ryan)

Okay - this is a cactus picture, but, don't forget about the summer monsoons!  Very few states get to claim these beautiful (sometimes a little destructive) summer storms.  

Mogollon Rim Sunset - just breathe it in.  We don't mind if you stare.

Salt River Canyon after a light misting of snow.  You may get a little car sick driving through this canyon, but the view is top notch.

Hawley Lake in the White Mountains- Yes, this was taken in the middle of an Arizona summer.  And I was wearing a jacket.  Bet you don't think of this much when imagining an Arizona summer.      

Wupatki National Monument - Laugh a little to yourself when east coasters claim to have tons of history.  How does 500 AD sound to you for history?!

Glenn Canyon Dam - Take a dam tour.  Have a dam good time.  Make many dam jokes. 

Knoll Lake - secluded beauty.  Some of the best views in Arizona can only be achieved after a nice hike.

Chiricahua Mountains - you might have a hard time figuring out the correct pronunciation, but a rock forest - now that is pretty awesome.  (Tell your kids you are going to visit Kristoff's family.) 

Snowbowl Ski Resort - take a ride to the top of the world.

Coolidge Dam-  Take a random road and find something historic in the middle of nowhere.  

Superstition Mountains - I think when the Lost Dutchman proclaimed that there was gold in them there hills, he must have just been witnessing an Arizona Sunset.  It basically turns the whole mountain gold.  

Sunrise Ski Resort - Those are pine trees.  That is snow.  Yes, these are still pictures of Arizona.

Santa Cruz County, Arizona - Even while driving 60 miles an hour down the road, Arizona is still photogenic.  (Don't worry, my husband was doing the driving.  I was taking the picture with my phone.)

North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Check out more Grand Canyon pictures here.

Near Workman Falls 

Make sure to come back and visit I Heart AZ often for more ways to celebrate Arizona and to enjoy all our state has to offer.  These are just some of the pictures we have in our own personal files.  We still have so much more to share, and still so much more of our state to explore.  

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