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Things to do in AZ
Arizona is awesome.  Arizona is diverse.  Made official on Valentine's Day in 1912, Arizona brings us vibrant hues of turquoise, tangy citrus, century old saguaros, Ponderosa pines, rock forests, waterfalls, shimmering aspen groves, sand dunes, tranquil lakes, and yes, the Grand Canyon.  Arizona is home to 21 federally recognized native American Indian tribes and borders Mexico.  Several Arizona towns were made famous for their old west gun fights in territorial days.  Arizona is hardy, industrious, ready to stand out.

Arizona is home.

We write about Arizona to encourage more awareness of what our great state has to offer.  We write to establish a greater sense of community.  We write to make your life a little better.  We dig and sift and do all the work so you can have easy access to ways to enjoy living here.  Thanks for stopping by.

Marily and Kathryn were born and raised in Arizona.  They met at Carson Junior High in Mesa, Arizona.  They partnered up for a report in Mr. Ogburn's World History class in the 9th grade and have been working together ever since. 

They are both wives, mothers, community activists, and ASU graduates (go Devils!).  Stop by their house unannounced and you'll be greeted with a lot of noise and a lot of playful messes.  Don't stay too long, they may put you to work.

Marily has four adorable, energetic boys of the stair-step variety.  Kathryn has two sets of creatively minded twin girls and one chubby foster baby boy with a full head of jet black hair.

Sometimes they feel part awesome, part crazy, but maybe that is what their ancestors genetically passed on to them.  After all, they are pretty sure their great grandparents who helped to settle Arizona in the 1800's had to be part awesome and crazy to make it work.  They are the product of several generations of Arizona blood, sweat, and tears.     


- Miraculously saved her daughter's pet fish (who was a floater) by doing her own version of fish CPR.

- Thankful she married Ryan who likes to cook.  He runs marathons too which comes in handy when chasing all these kids.

- Loves the White Mountains in October,  watching a monsoon storm roll in,  and picnicking in the Superstitions when the sunset casts a golden glow on everything within reach.

- A teacher.


- hosts impromptu dance parties in her kitchen daily.

- Married to Mark who is a jazz musician extraordinaire.  Thankful for the role of music in their home.

- Loves finding the best restaurants in Arizona for chips and salsa, exploring the parks our state has to offer, and road trips to new destinations.

- Math whiz

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