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Birthday FREEBIES from I Heart AZ

text and images by Kathryn

Two birthdays on the 20th, skip a day, one birthday on the 22nd, and two more birthdays on the 23rd.  This is what our June looks like.  Crazy?  Yes.  Five birthday crammed into four days.  Very odd and very unplanned, but we have embraced the freak status and actually use it to our benefit.

There are freebies offered by many establishments on your birthday and sometimes even the month of your birthday.  So for a family like ours, this comes in very handy.  I thought I would share some of our favorite places and some others I would like to try out for free birthday goodies.  Some deals require you to sign up online, others, simply take in an ID or your child's birth certificate.  I have noted when you need to sign up online.

Happy Birthday To You Freebies:

IHOP - free Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity meal the week of your birthday when you sign up online.  They also send an "anniversary" coupon celebrating when you signed up for the rewards club.  I signed myself and my husband up in June so that he can use his "anniversary" coupon when the rest of us are cashing in our birthday coupon.  Six Rooty Tooties for free.  Now, not every IHOP will allow six coupons at once, but the IHOP at Riverview in Mesa has always been so kind to us.  We love their management.  In fact last year they even brought my girls free birthday ice-cream sundaes.  It is one of my girls' favorite birthday week traditions!

Firehouse Sub - Free medium sub on your birthday.  Just show ID.

The Joe Restaurants - Liberty Market, Joe's Real BBQ, and Joe's Farm Grill all offer $10 towards any order.  Sometimes we eat at Joe's BBQ with $10 off and then head across the street to Liberty Market for free dessert because they will give you another $10 off.  Sometimes we just go to Joe's Farm Grill for delicious shakes before having a little date night with our girls for their birthday.  We love this deal and hope Joe keeps it up.  (Thanks Joe!)  Must show ID.

Genie Car Wash in Mesa - Free car wash on your birthday with ID.  It makes it much easier to enjoy your birthday with a clean car!

Bookmans - Sign your kids up online for the Kid's Club.  A $10 gift certificate postcard will be sent to your home the month of your birthday.  We just got our four in the mail and they do not even have an expiration date.  Awesome.

Changing Hands Bookstore - Choose whether you want a 25% off discount or $10 off your purchase during the month of your birthday.  Just simply show ID.  

Click below for even more great FREEBIES, including Out of Africa Wildlife Park.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park:  "General Admission is FREE the entire month of your birthday.  Simply show a form of picture ID at admissions, or a birth certificate for the youngsters."  Wow!  This one will be new for us this year, but my tiger loving girl is going to be in heaven (she is 4 and dresses like a tiger and thinks she is going to grow up to be a tiger trainer.).

Krispy Kreme - We totally raked in the doughnuts when Krispy Kreme offered a dozen donuts on your birthday.  Now it is only 1.  We usually skip it since one is just not enough :)  We do enjoy Krispy Kreme for good grade rewards though!  Kids can earn up to six free donuts for good grades.  Just have your child take in their report card.  The worker will count up the number of "A" (or equivalent) grades and place a red stamp on the report card noting you received your freebie.  One "A" equals one doughnut up to a half dozen.  We like to hit up our Mesa Krisy Kreme after each school quarter for this deal.  I could not verify this deal online, so maybe call your local Krispy Kreme ahead of time.

Harkins Theater:  Free medium popcorn with ID.

Fuddruckers - Sign you and your kid's up online for free coupons.  For adults, I got a buy one get one free coupon and my kids got a free burger coupon that does not expire for a few more weeks!    

Dairy Queen - Get a BOGO (buy one, get one) blizzard coupon on your birthday.

Toys R' Us - If you go to a store near your child's birthday, they will receive a birthday crown, balloon an personalized message over the intercom.  Also, if you sign up online, you will get a coupon in the mail for $3 off your purchase.  If you want, you can even have Geoffrey the Giraffe call on your birthday.  

Baskin Robbins Club - Sign up online and get a coupon for a free scoop of ice-cream or soft serve.  The coupon does not need to be used on your birthday.  Our coupons are valid for a few weeks.

Rubio's - Sign up online and get a coupon for a free meal up to $7.  Coupon is valid for a few weeks from the time they send you the e-mail.

Denny's -  Free Grand Slam on your birthday.  Just show ID.

Red Robin - Join the reward club online and get a free burger the month of your birthday.

Benihana:  Join the Chef's Table online and get a complimentary $30 Benihana Birthday Certificate to use the month of your birthday.  

Sprinkles:  Sign up online and get a free cupcake.  Must be older than 18 to join the club.  

Sweet Tooth Fairy:  Sign up online for their newsletter to get a coupon for a free treat.  If you want your kids to get a free treat, they have to have their own e-mail.  When you sign up for the newsletter, to get the coupon you merely need an e-mail and your birthdate.  You can omit your phone number (for text coupons) and address if you wish.  

The Keg:  For adults, sign up online for the "guest list" and get a coupon for $25 off an entree during the month of your birthday.  Kids will get free fruit and dessert if they come in to enjoy a meal with you.  

Pizza Hut:  Free child's meal on their birthday when they sign up online.

Culvers -  Sign up online and get a coupon for a free one scoop sundae.   

Jason's Deli:  Get a $5 off coupon when you sign up online for their birthday club.

Texas Roadhouse:  Free appetizer or dessert on your birthday when you sign up for their e-mail club online.  

Melting Pot:  I hear the deal is that you get a free chocolate fondue for two when you sign up for "Club Fondue" online.     

Spinato's Pizzeria - I hear that the deal is $10 off your meal when you sign up online, but they have not sent my coupon yet in order for me to verify.  

Grimaldi's Pizzeria - Sign up online for the eClub and get a coupon for a free one item pizza on your birthday. 

K-Mart - Free $5 for your birthday when you sign up online.  (I started to sign up but had difficulty entering in all my kids...maybe you will have better luck)   

I didn't list every establishment that offers coupons on your birthday, because honestly, some of the coupons didn't seem that enticing.  However, if you have a favorite place to shop, do a little searching and see if they offer a birthday coupon.  I think some include Cost Plus World Market (10% off coupon), The Children's Place...

And of course many restaurants offer a free dessert with your meal purchase on your birthday.  Never hurts to ask.

Now go have a Happy Birthday!  I know we will.


  1. Best collection I've ever seen, thank you iheartaz!

  2. I agree, this list is excellent. Thank you!


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