Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Family Outing in Glendale: 11 Things to Do in Glendale, AZ

Recently, I took three of my boys to Glendale to visit their Westgate As You Wish location. We got invited to be there to make pottery while Fox 10 was filming a segment. My two-year-old got to stay with Grandma. Since this was an hour drive for us coming from the other side of the Valley, we made an outing of it and had some fun visiting a couple of other places while we were in Glendale. Make sure to keep reading through the end of the post for some great deals in the Valley available today and tomorrow.

This was the first time I have taken my kids to As You Wish. They absolutely loved picking out their pottery and spent a good hour and a half choosing and then very carefully painting their pieces. I was impressed that there were several options of pieces that appealed to my boys. These guys chose an owl, a trinket box shaped like a game controller, and a transformer. I painted a bowl because I am boring I guess.

This was a great outing and now we each have a piece of pottery that we painted to remind us of our fun time together. I think a gift card for a family activity like As You Wish would make an awesome Christmas gift, don't you? Plus, did you know As You Wish Pottery is a local company? Go Arizona businesses!

After we were finished with our pottery, we made a quick stop at Cerreta's Candy Company. I don't think a family trip to Glendale would be complete without stopping here.

The company hosts free factory tours and you can also create your own candy pizza for $10/piece. We didn't have time for a tour this trip, but the kids enjoyed just wandering around the store and picking out a little treat for themselves.

Cerreta's always has holiday-themed chocolate and other candy that make the visit fun for Christmastime, Halloween, Valentine's Day, or whenever. I was happy that everyone was able to pick out a few little treats and we left spending less than 8 bucks on the four of us (of course, we could have spent much more!)

I convinced the kids to tuck their candy away for a bit longer since our next stop was for lunch. We headed down the road just a bit to La Piazza al Forno, one of the best pizza restaurants in Arizona. This is a place someone had suggested to me years ago but I have never gotten to try. Since we so seldom get to the West Valley I knew we had to stop and get some certified pizza Napoletana
while we were nearby.

We started out with some fried ravioli. Can't you tell just by looking how amazing it tasted? 

Then, of course, was the pizza. We went with the Sicilian because my boys are big into sausage and pepperoni. If I go without the kids I would love to try some of the more traditional Napoletana styles.

This pizza was incredible. I am tempted to stop writing right here so I can drive back to Glendale to get some more. The only thing I wasn't excited about at this restaurant is upon deciding to order sodas for myself and the kids I realized they are all served in glass bottles. That's cool, but also more expensive and ended up being more money than I had intended on spending on drinks for the family.

Still, the kids were happy and we had a great time visiting Glendale.

There is so much going on in the Valley. You don't need to take an airplane or even a long roadtrip to experience something new. Just pick a city nearby and explore it like a tourist. 

Including the fun things we did, here are:

11 things to do in Glendale, AZ
Here's our list. What do YOU like to do in Glendale?

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