Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Favorite Places: Carolina's Mexican Food in Phoenix

Writing and images by Marily.

You know when you go someplace great and you have to tell your friends about it? It's really the best way to find great new places. We are calling this new series on the blog Favorite Places designed to highlight great places in our state and share our favorites with each other. Keep reading to find out how you can share your favorites with us too.

I am going to kick off the series with one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Phoenix: Carolina's. Driving through this part of Phoenix you might not think of stopping for a bite until you see the white brick building--the parking lot is filled with family vans, cops, and luxury cars owned by business people on their lunch breaks. Still, you might not want to go here in the dark without a bodyguard. It's worth the scary neighborhood though if you are looking for authentic Mexican food that would make you proud to live in the Southwest. 

What I would recommend
Definitely get the machaca. You can get it in tacos like I did or a plate, a burrito, or even machaca and eggs which I hear is great. We also love the enchiladas and the homemade tortillas and chips which are available for sale.

Where is it?
Carolina's is at 1202 E Mohave St in Phoenix, right outside downtown Phoenix. This was the perfect stop for dinner before we headed to the Diamondbacks game last week. They also have a location in North Phoenix. 

Want to share one of your favorite places? Email me at contactus@iheartaz.com.

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