Monday, July 21, 2014

Exploring Arizona: Salt River Canyon Scenic Drive

Recently we took a day trip to Show Low and drove through the Salt River Canyon. If you enjoy scenic drives, this is a must see and definitely a highlight of my summer

My husband Mark talks about driving through the Salt River Canyon numerous times growing up on the way to and from Show Low to see family.  Many people describe it as a mini Grand Canyon. The cool part though is that you get to drive through the canyon.  I am not sure how I missed seeing this place, having lived in Arizona nearly all my life. 

The rode takes you through the the San Carlos and Fort Apache Indian reservations so you may get a chance to stop and buy items from Native Americans if you'd like.  We would have stopped for that and to take some pictures too, but we had two kids sleeping in the back seat who needed a good nap before we stopped for dinner in Miami.  We drove straight through this time so  this is the only photo I got:

Written by Marily, photos are credited to their original sources

Fortunately, there are some much better photographers out there. Check these out: 

Image source: EJ Photo

Image source: EJ Photo

Image Source: EJ Photo

Image source: 52 Wednesdays

Image source: Wikipedia
How to get there 
Check out more information about the drive including how to get there and other places to stop at on the way here.

You might want to know that if you have a big fear of heights or are inexperienced driving winding mountain roads, this may not be so much fun for you. However, if you take it slow and the driver can pay attention to the road without getting too distracted by the view, it is a beautiful and safe drive.

We hit up Guayo's El Rey for some Mexican food in Miami on our way back to the Valley. Globe/Miami is known for it's great, authentic Mexican food and we were not disappointed. Two kinds of salsa, excellent enchiladas, and delicious shredded beef tacos. 

On our Facebook page, we asked what your favorite Mexican restaurants were in the Globe/Miami region.  Lots of people that said Burger House is the BEST for Mexican food, so we will have to check that out next time. Check us out on Facebook if you'd like to be part of the conversation.

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