Thursday, July 17, 2014

20 Plus Back to School Ideas (Link Roundup)

Maybe you are not yet in the back to school mode, but we are just about ready for school to start at my house. Many kids still have a couple of weeks of summer break, but we are counting down our last couple of days. Meet the Teacher is on Monday and school begins next Wednesday.


Here are several ideas I've found for back to school including food, shopping, schedules, and much more.

School Lunch Ideas

Writing by Marily. Images are from original sources, as cited

1. Create a grab and go snack station

2. Organize a school lunch making drawer

3. School lunch ideas

4. Free printable lunch box notes

Back to School Style

More ideas after the jump.

5. 10 Easy School Hairstyles for Girls

6. Create a Back to School Wardrobe for Boys with 15 Items

7. Back to School for Girls in 15 Items

8. How to cut a little boy's hair

Ready to Learn

9. Tips for helping a little one to ease into school

10. Reading Homework Tips

11. Back to School Questionnaire

12. 5 First Day of Homeschool Traditions

Something Special

13. Over 30 Back to School Printables

14. Sew a zippered pencil and school supplies case

15. Back to School Dinner

16. Awesome teacher gift idea

Back to School Photo Ideas

17. Fun and easy photo idea

18. Free printables for preschool - 12th grade

19. A few cute 1st day of school pics

20. Free Back to School Printables

21. Morning and Evening Routines

And here is a tip of my own. We use to struggle quite a bit getting the kids ready in the morning or into bed in the evening. We came up with a morning routine and an evening routine for our kids and hung them in their bedrooms.

Now, they know exactly what is expected of them and can complete their routines without much prodding. This routine helps a lot too when a babysitter is over putting them to bed.

I printed these off, stuck them back to back, laminated them, then punched a hole in the top. It hangs from a ribbon on a cork board in their rooms and they flip it over to see the side they need.


A routine that fits your families needs is of course best. Here is another example of a family's routine.

Now, Mom (or Dad), after you have done all this and you have sent your little people off to school you should congratulate yourself for making it through another summer! This idea for a little time with a friend seems like the perfect idea.

Has this summer flown by, or what?!

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