Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Welcome to the blog!

Six years ago I was walking the sidewalks of Downtown Mesa, lamenting the fact that far too many people under-appreciate our great city.  Soon after that, I Heart Mesa was born.  Marily and I blogged at for three and a half years.  We enjoyed spreading a little community cheer.  However, life happened.  Babies were born, children grew, different needs needed to be met, and for two quick years, I Heart Mesa lay dormant.  Never really wanting to be finished, we are back at it, this time with even more life experience and a bigger and better site, 

We might not be polished to perfection.  We take being told we are "down to earth" as one of the highest compliments.  We don't profess that we can do it all.  But, we do want to keep spreading the love of our community and our great state.  Our goal is to get more people to truly enjoy being in Arizona.  We live in a dessert with browns and tans and lots of dirt and pokey things.  But, there is so much beauty and enjoyment here!  Our theory:  if we can get people to have a little more Arizona pride, the well-being of our entire state will improve. 

We are the great-granddaughters of those that helped to settle this great state and we are excited to show you just what Arizona is all about.

Kathryn and Marily


  1. We are retired and I still lack time to continue my blog so I understand. About 14 months ago we purchased a "winter" home in Apache Junction after spending two winters there in our RV. This time we were there for eight months because we love it there! Our daughter and her family live in Chandler. Our son and his wife live in IL though so we'll continue to live here part of the year.

    Anyway, I am thrilled that you are back because your blog was my inspiration for a good many things we have done out there with our grandkids. I look forward to many more tips here on your new site about local activities for our return to AJ, AZ in the fall!

    1. Oh Bev! I remember you!! You were always so kind with inspiring and motivating comments on I Heart Mesa. So glad you found that we are back and so glad we can help you find fun things to do! We'll work on some great fall posts.

  2. I'm so grateful that you are doing this!! Thank you!


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