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Exploring Arizona: A Summer in Flagstaff

Text and images by Marily

One thing I love about Arizona is that almost any day of the year there is nice weather somewhere only a few hours away. If it's getting too hot for you right now, maybe you need to head up north. 

Today we are highlighting the city of Flagstaff. With highs that average in the low 80's during the hottest months, it is a great respite from the heat for Valley dwellers during the summer. There are lots of things to do for outdoor enthusiasts, families, and culture hounds alike. 

What to Do
Here is a little inspiration for what to do when you get to Flagstaff:

It's Buffalo Park!
One year we took a little daytrip to Flagstaff with our extended family. We took the Arizona Snowbowl Scenic Chairlift for a nice ride up the mountain.  After reaching the top of the lift, there is a short walk to the top of the mountain for the most amazing view of Northern Arizona. 

From this view you can see Sedona, the walls of the Grand Canyon, and also look down on other mountains around Arizona.  The ride down is quite impressive as well, since you can see the view as you descend. 

The snow on the ground is notable if you know we took this ride in May when it was 100 degrees in Phoenix.

Visit Grand Canyon 
Of course you can't talk about a visit to Flagstaff without mentioning the big hole in the ground in Northern Arizona. 

We live by one of the natural wonders of the world, people! Get yourself to Grand Canyon! (One of the first things I learned after visiting is there is no 'the' in Grand Canyon.) Kathryn will be writing more info and tips about visiting Grand Canyon next week.
You too can have a priceless photo of your family or friends in front of a big hole in the ground.
Summer Events in Flagstaff
Here are a few things going on this summer you might want to add to your calender: 

Where to eat:

Route 66 Dog Haus
The Dog Haus is a classic stop in Flagstaff right on Route 66. You can order via the drive-through or at their walk-up counter. Outdoor seating only.

Pizza Furiosa 
Flagstaff has several modern, original restaurants that have sprouted up providing great choices for foodies and families alike. Pizza Furiosa has a winning combination: wood-fired pizza stove, fun atmosphere, and delicious food made with high-quality ingredients. There is even a chalkboard for kids to write on while you order and board games to play while you wait making it a great choice for families. Another great pizza joint in Flagstaff worth checking out is Pizzicleta, though this one has a small building so it is better for small groups or takeout. 

Here are two other options I would love to try--Diablo Burger and Satchmo's for BBQ and Cajun food.  While we were in Flagstaff we did check out a Mexican Restaurant that was featured on food network. Unfortunately, Salsa Brava was a bit disappointing. 

Where to stay: 
Take a day trip to Flagstaff or stay overnight for a relaxing getaway. When my family went to Flagstaff a couple of years ago we searched Priceline for a bargain and ended up at the Little America Hotel. We totally lucked out. We enjoyed the Little America so much we were talking about going back in the winter for a snow trip or for their North Pole Experience
This is my husband and youngest son on the hotel grounds. 

The hotel property is 500 acres large! There are walking trails through a ponderosa forest, a pool, and a playground. We were hoping for a relaxing, easy vacation and The Little America was perfect. 
Another place that I would love to check out is the Arizona Mountain Inn with its tudor-style bed and breakfast inn and 17 cabins available for rent. 

Now it's your turn. What do you like about Flagstaff? Share your tips here for visiting here in the comments or on our I Heart AZ Friends page on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!

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