Friday, September 12, 2014

Rock Springs Cafe, Arizona

Words and Images by Kathryn

For years I've driven past the signs located in what seems the middle of nowhere, "World Famous Pies!"  For years my mouth waters, but yet we keep on going, intent to get home or intent to get to our destination.  However, Monday I was determined to finally check out this place for myself. 

Charming outside, charming inside.  We ate dinner first and then had our pie:  chocolate cream and rock boy berry pie (raspberry and I think boysenberry).  Dinner was so so, the service was good, and our pie was fantastic.  I can't profess to have eaten pie around the world, so I can not officially validate their claim, but I do agree that RockSprings Cafe does have delicious pie.  I recommend getting the fruit pies warmed with ice cream on top.

Pies can be purchased by the slice, at a cost of $4.50 per slice, by the whole pie and even shipped.  There is also a souvenir shop and other treats can be purchased:  candies, ice-cream, shakes....  They have a farmer's market where you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, Arizona salsa, trail mixes, wild rice, even moccasins.  The Farmer's Market is open till 5 PM during the week and 6 PM on the weekends.

For us, it was a fun ending to our trip.  I'm sure I'll hear, "Mom, are we stopping for pie again?!" each time we are in the area. 

And the icing on the pie:  We had purchased two slices of pie to share between myself and my four girls.  We happily ate, but noticed an elderly couple watching us, smiling.  Soon enough, two more slices of pie came our way, compliments of the couple!  They thought we should have more to enjoy and wanted to see us happy for awhile longer.  Such a sweet (literally sweet) gesture. 

Hard to get a good picture with so many forks, knives and spoons going at it all at once.

Oh the awkward eating shot....

Have you ever been the beneficiary of a complimentary meal?  Have you ever been the giver?  I tell you, it made our day and renewed my desire to do random acts of kindness.

To check out Rock Springs Cafe just head north of Phoenix on the I-17 and take Exit 242.  For a map, check here.       

Disclaimer:  Here are I Heart AZ we promote the art of trying new things and exploring new places.  Even if you end up hating an event, or disliking the food, the fact that you tried something new will leave a lasting memory.   Sometimes you just got to mix things up to still feel like you are truly living. 


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