Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Favorite Places: Top 5 Arizona Date Night Ideas

We are happy to have a guest writer today to kick off a series of posts all about date night. Check back next Tuesday for lots more ideas for enjoying a night out in Arizona.


Camille here, from Friday We’re in Love- a blog all about date night and keeping love alive in marriage. My husband Jacob and I happen to be located in Phoenix, and we love so many dates that are unique to Arizona! We’ve been doing this for over three and a half years, so we’ve seen some great things and experienced some of the best! We rarely repeat, but have a list of places we always seem to go back and love each time. Today I’m happy to share five of these places with you!

Here’s 5 of our favorite Arizona Dates:

I thought most places had one of these, until I did a little research and realized few places have one, and this is the only international MIM in the world! Whether you’re a music buff or not, I guarantee you’ll love this place. You learn all about musical history and instruments from all around the world. The museum is divided into countries and regions, and seriously, there is some really cool and interesting stuff to see!

If that isn’t your bag, there’s a lot on music technology and a lot of modern device history. There’s also a lot of artifacts from pop culture. Want to see some authentic Elvis attire? This place has that! There’s also a hands on room to try instruments from around the world. I guarantee you’ll make each other smile attempting to play foreign instruments.
Cerebral, cultural, and seriously fun, this has been one of our favorite dates!

This just may be our all-time favorite! Art of Merlot is a BYOB (or sparkling cider) painting class where you recreate a masterpiece with step-by-step instructions from a professional teacher. The classes are so fun, and even those who aren’t artists like us can really enjoy it! The owner Audra is delightful and really cares that everyone has a great experience. Another bonus, there’s a Groupon several times a year for a buy-one-get-one-free, and we always take advantage of that!

This is a family friendly improv comedy club that will will guarantee a lot of endorphins. As far as comedy clubs go the price is really fair, and they make sure you enjoy your time there. There isn’t anything quite like laughing together to set the mood for a perfect date!

No one can deny the food truck trend is a trend for a reason. Every Friday in Downtown Gilbert various Arizona food trucks gather together to offer a large variety of options to patrons. We love that we can get a liege waffle, gourmet quesadilla, grilled cheese, and our dessert of choice all in one location. It’s fun to try so many things in one place, and a walk around Downtown Gilbert at night is not only charming, but helps burn some of the calories consumed.  

We’ve been fans of most theatre we’ve found in the valley, but we love the small, 360 style theater that is Hale Centre Theatre. The action takes place all around, and there isn’t a bad seat in the house! They typically choose really funny plays too, so we’ve been pleasantly surprised with how funny they are, and how much we enjoy the community feel that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Their annual Tradition of A Christmas Carol can’t be beat. We adore it, and try to go every year!

Are you interested in sharing some of your favorite places with our readers? Email us at contactus@iheartaz.com. We are looking for submissions from bloggers, small business owners, and local photographers.

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