Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Donate Your Hair! Plus a Reader Spotlight

I've never been much of a fancy gal.  In fact, I only had a brief stint of highlighting my hair and paying for haircuts before I just went back to my natural boring ways.

Then I had four girls.  And as my oldest set of twins got to be about 7, they started noticing salons.  They started asking to go to salons.  I started having to tell my girls that we can not afford to go to said salons.  Then one of my oldest girls (technically THE oldest by 40 minutes) was ready to cut off her long hair to donate it.  And the rest of us, including myself, were ready for shorter, easier, healthier hair.  Now that I'm a mother to 5, I REALLY needed to simplify somewhere and hair was it.  I knew it was time to treat this occasion as special and this was no time to mess with my old DIY ways.  It was time to go to the professionals.

Thankfully on our I Heart AZ Friends Facebook page a dear reader of ours, Megan, posted about her haircut specials at her own private salon.  We love supporting our readers and this was a deal so good that I could afford.  Megan specializes in women's cuts, but was running a children's back to school special and was kind enough to extend her specials to all 4 of my girls.

All five of us headed to Megan's salon on a Saturday morning for our new look.    

Megan cuts hair at a location called Signature Salon Studios near Higley and Southern in Mesa.  It is a large building with several small salons that each beautician can privately rent.  This set up was perfect for my crew.  Salon enough, but more private for our crazy bunch.  And I loved that Megan is able to set her own hours.  If she needs to start a color at 9:00 PM on a Wednesday night she can.  This is perfect for women who work or can only sneak away from the kiddos in the evenings.
I loved how Megan knew how to work with my Elsa's natural soft curls.
Lucy watching Megan cut it off!
Read more about Megan and places to donate hair after the jump.
Loving the final product!!
Annie got an 'A' line bob (well, I think that is what it is called anyways) that is adorable for a new little kindergartner.  

My girls felt so special getting the special treatment from Megan.  They had to tell everyone they saw the next day, "We went to the SALON!"  I am loving these shorter hairstyles on my girls.  I should have done this years ago just for my sanity.  And I love the things I can do with my new hair as well.  I did make my husband take a picture of my cute hair, even though I'm not much of a selfie lady.  Such a fresh way to start a new school year.
Maybe next time I'll be brave and get my "shimmer hair" aka my grays covered.
Megan gets our stamp of approval.  She can be contacted at 480-399-9077 (call or text) or via her website here.  New customers get $15 off their first visit.  

Thinking about donating your hair?  Here are some of the places to consider:

- Pantene: At least 8 inches of hair needed to donate.

- Locks of Love:  You need at least 10 inches of hair to donated here.  I've heard mixed reviews of this organization.  In my research they don't seem as efficient in producing wigs from donated hair as I would like.  I personally did not feel good about donated my daughter's hair to this organization, but again, that is my personal opinion.

- Wigs for Kids:  At least 12 inches of hair needed for a donation.

- Children With Hair Loss:  At least 8 inches of hair needed for a donation.

- Pink Heart Funds:  At least 12 inches of hair needed.

Before cutting my daughter's hair, we looked into many options for donating.  I even researched selling hair.  Hair can be sold for a few hundred dollars, depending on length and thickness.  I figured we could sell the hair and donate to a local charitable cause, cutting out the middle man.  But in the end, I never found a local way to sell hair and didn't want to deal with the hassle of an online posting and haggling with price. 

There are two main sites I found for selling hair: and

Here is a before of my older twins' beautiful hair.  It was gorgeous...when we had time to do it and even then, two hours later it looked like it had never seen a brush in days!

After:  We LOVE the new hair.  My girls look well kept all day long.  And our mornings are much much more calm.

Yes, they are twins.  Definitely not identical.

Have you donated or sold your hair before?

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