Thursday, August 14, 2014

Children's Museum of Phoenix

This. This is the place to take kids in Phoenix. Last week we got the opportunity to take our little people to the Children's Museum of Phoenix. Can you think of a place more fun than this? 

Images by Kathryn
Hopefully, if you have kids you have been to this award-winning museum. First of all, an air-conditioned, three-story, steampunk treehouse climber complete with a flying bathtub? Yeah. It's got that.  

Kids and adults are mesmorized by this place. And how could you not be? 

There is inspiration everywhere!  From paper chandeliers to soft, plush cacti and animals constructed from wood, paper, and sweaters.  Look up, look down, look all around because you will leave this museum feeling more creative and wanting to incorporate more play into your life.  

And you'll realize that the best play isn't found in the normal toy isle.  It is created from the everyday objects all around us.

If you live in the Valley, a yearly membership is a fabulous deal. There are some great drop-in classes that are free for members to really make spending the money worthwhile. August is "Movin' and Groovin' month with music classes, ribbon dancing, math for toddlers, and parachute playtime. 

Thanks to Janssen from Everyday Reading for joining us. We had such a great time! And we were all surprised when the kids all cooperated for a picture. Painless. Amazing.

Kathryn, Marily, and Janssen with our kiddos.
Did I mention air-conditioning? Thank you, Children's Museum of Phoenix.

Look at all those happy children. 

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