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Your Favorite Ice Cream and Treat Shops in Arizona

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In celebration of National Ice Cream Month, we asked what your favorite ice cream and treat places were. You answered! We got such a great list of ice cream spots to check out that I am feeling both excited and disappointed. The disappointment is because in my whole life I might not be able to get to all of these places. 

Yesterday, for "research purposes," I took my boys to Sweet Republic.  This little ice cream shop has been featured on Food Networks' "Best Thing I Ever Ate" as well as received several other accolades like a Top 10 spot in Bon Appetite Magazine. I thought we would see what all the hype is about. 

We went simple this time. The boys got ice cream cones and I got a cup of their coconut sorbet. It really was some of the very best ice cream I have ever had. The ingredients are locally sourced and the flavors are amazing. Even the waffle cone was better than any waffle cone I'd ever had. It is a great spot for foodies and also a great place to take a group of rowdy little boys (ask me how I know.) We will definitely be back--next time I plan on sharing a sundae with my honey on a date night.

And here are your suggestions! I couldn't include them all, so if you want to be a part of the dialogue and see the rest of the list, like us on facebook! And please, if this info is helpful to you, we'd really appreciate you sharing with your friends. 

Okay, on to the ice cream!

Nami (Phoenix)
Nami is the dessert-loving vegan's dream come true. The shop serves soy ice cream treats as well as donuts, pastries, cookies, and more. Their sister-restaurant Green serves a full menu as well as soy soft serve.
Autumn: "I am not able to have dairy and there is a wonderful vegan dessert place in downtown phoenix called Nami. They have these amazing blizzard type desserts made with your choice of mix-ins and soy vanilla soft serve. They are called Tsoynami's. They are amazing!!"
Churn (Phoenix)
This adorable ice cream and candy shop is pretty much the cutest place in Phoenix. 
Kim: "We tried Churn in Phoenix for the first time last month---WONDERFUL!"
Kelly: "Churn is AMAZING. They have dairy free choices."
 Rita's (several locations Valley-wide)
Jesse: "Rita's!! Ice. Custard. Happiness!!!"
Sugar Bowl (Scottsdale) 
Take a trip back in time. Head to Old Town Scottsdale to try Sugar Bowl's ice cream and 50's-style fountain drinks.

Lenny's (Mesa, Phoenix, Glendale)

Carolyn: "If you are looking for a good deal for the family Lenny's on the SE corner of Southern and Stapley in Mesa has either root beer floats or ice cream Sundays for a dollar. They also have awesome fries with fry sauce!"
Gelato Spot (Phoenix, Scottsdale)
The Scottsdale location serves wood-fired pizza and gelato. If all of that goodness sounds like too much for just one stop, head to either of the two Phoenix locations for gelato only.

Yogurt Jungle (Maricopa, Queen Creek)
Local business in the outer edges of the Phoenix area for great frozen yogurt

Udder Delights (Gilbert)
Support this great local spot which is owned by Superstition Farms. They milk the cows in Arizona and turn it into ice cream. That is something worth putting your money (and your mouth) into. You can now also buy other local dairy items like butter, cheese, and buttermilk at Udder Delights.

Sub Zero (Mesa, Paradise Valley)
Kristy: "SubZero ice cream on The SW corner of Baseline and Stapley. They make it in front of you. They turn a liquid into ice cream by using liquid nitrogen. Kids love watching it. Lots of different favors to try and anything from custard to sugar free. We drive all the way from queen creek to go there."
Casa Manana (Safford)
This is a Mexican restaurant, but their fried ice cream is so incredible I had to include it on this list. This thing is greasy and delicious, and rich enough that you might want to share with someone. 

Frost (Gilbert, Phoenix, Tucson)
Artisan gelato, gelato cakes, and other delicious treats.

BTO (Flagstaff)
Locals rave about this place. 
Megan: "Really good yogurt and great customer service."
Lelia: "My 1 year old can't have dairy and they always have the best non dairy flavors for him!"
Catherine: "It's super healthy we are the only yogurt place that makes our yogurt!"
Black Cow Cafe (Sedona)
This is a great place to check out if you are in Sedona and looking for a sweet little stop.

Twisters (Williams)
If you are headed to the Grand Canyon, stop by Twister's for ice cream and their old fashioned drink fountain.

Anyone else feeling hungry? 

Are there any other places not on our list? What are your favorites?

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