Tuesday, July 1, 2014

20 Last-Minute Ideas for the Fourth of July

Even if you haven't planned ahead for Independence Day, there are still some very do-able ideas to make your holiday a little more festive and fun. Here are some easy ideas for decorating, eating, and playing this Fourth of July.

Super simple. Super sweet.

Written by Marily. Images from original sources, as sited.

Free printable banners
A printer, scissors, tape, and some string and wallah! Instant cuteness.

3. 1776
4. America

BBQ Food
Nothing says Fourth of July like a backyard barbecue or a picnic at the park. Or, you can still have all the right foods and eat inside, under a fan.

2. Grilled Island Chicken (One of our family's favorites.)

Some super simple ideas you can whip up in no-time.

For Kids
A few fun and easy ideas to do with the little guys.

4. Ribbon Dancers (As an alternative to sparklers)

Make sure to check this post and this post for 2 great lists of fireworks shows going on around the state. What are YOU doing for Fourth of July? Let us know in the comments, or visit us on our facebook page.

Keep checking back for more ideas of fun things to do in AZ.

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